lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Quite late, but blonde Leader deserves a comment.

Yes, I'm late to this, I know that yesterday this was the topic of so many blogs and forums, but I guess that one more post about the matter does not hurt.

So, our Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai dyed her hair blonde, apparently for the upcoming single Only You (to be released June 15th).

Err. Ok, she looks good, but then again, every Ai-chan after debut!Ai-chan looks good. Still, to me she looks weird. Probably it's the fact I've been so used to brown-haired Takahashi, isn't it? But still...

Ok, so she first cut her hair 10 cms for a PB. Then, like two or three weeks ago, she dyed the tips of her hair pink, for reasons only Takahashi can know. Even so, who would have guessed that the one to break the monotony in hair colors between senpai members of Morning Musume would be the usually dull leader Takahashi Ai? I'll tell you something, me not.

So, because at Hello! Online I read someone asking who else had had blond hair in Momusu other than Ai and Marippe, let's take a walk around the blond girls that Momusu has had~

Ogawa Makoto:
Who else than Mako to have weird hair-colors? Cause, really, she is Mako~ She was, after all, the first gokkie to have her hair dyed, wasn't she? And if you think about weird hair, you think in Ogawa Makoto. Or perhaps that's just me. Still, she looked cool when she had black hair with a blonde streak. Worse blonde was around the release of Chokkan 2. Which, I'm not quite sure the picture is from that period.

Yaguchi Mari:
Makoto may be the association between weird and hair, but if you ask about blond hair and Morning Musume, you ought get Mari as an answer. Short blond hair fits her so well, tiny as she already is~ I prefer Marippe with dark-blond hair, but, she's still cute~ And, of course, having her hair dyed since the... Koi no Dance Site days, it's pretty hard to imagine her with a dark brown or black color. Mariii~

Yoshizawa Hitomi:
One of the girls with the most changes hair-wise. God, you just have to see how many different styles she's had just for Digista Teens! But, as we're just taking super-blond colors into account, and only colors had during Momusu tenure, I think the choice is easy. Let's show the time she deviated the most from her usual normal/decent/dark blonde to brown area.

Actually, there are two times, three if we count the blonde par
ts of Yossy in Iropppoi Jirettai. The others are, one, Roman ~My Dear Boy~ time period, which I believe the picture showed is from, and the other is from the second Mecha Ike special, which I'm not going to screencap. So yeah. Ah, I just wonder, does the blonde part of her Hangry hair count?... Don't think so, seeing as how I just said a few lines ago this would be just Momusu-tenure hair.

Nakazawa Yuko:
Ah, big boss. Awesome leader had to close this listing in an awesome way. Uh, so. Most of the time Yuko has pretty and elegant looks... and then, clashing a LOT with them came Yuko Nakazawa circa 2001. Blonde hair complete with blue contacts. I'm serious, only Yuu-chan could have pulled the combo as well as she did. But then again, for the original leader, who is older than the mothers of some kyukkies... Yeah, Yuko is the epitome of awesomness. All hail Queen Yuko.

I've finished! Fuu~ so 5 members out of 29 that've dyed their hair really blonde. Well, it's not too bad, considering that most members choose to have brown hair. I'm proud of myself, having finished this entry in a day~ But... oh, wait. Another blonde girl?

Who is that, you say? EH?! Sayumin?! Hahahaha. Of course not, it's just a wig~ Wow, talk about drastic changes. It's not as if Sayumi couldn't be a blonde. But her black hair is like her signature mark, I hope she remains that way ^^~


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