lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

So! Let's start blogging!

Welcome to Seishun Collection, Itze's new Idol Blog!

(: I'm Itze, teenager, girl, from Central America, and most importantly, a quite new fan of the Japanese Idol world. And because I'm this shy thing, who doesn't like posting in forums that much, but still wanted to express her thoughts on news relating (mostly) Hello! Project and sometimes AKB48 and Momoiro Clover, I created this blog, Seishun Collection.

Some things to be clear on: My favorite idol group is Morning Musume, hence, this blog will be full of them. My favorite current member is 9th generation Suzuki Kanon, and overall, 4th generation Yoshizawa Hitomi. Member I don't like? Tanaka Reina. Favorite songs tend to be the crazy, go lucky genki songs, so, perhaps you'll digress with some of the things I write?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the blog, comment a lot, and the most important thing, become a regular reader :D

- Itze

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