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Not so short comments about Dream Morning Musume concert

I finished listening to a fanrecording~ lol, took me three days to finish, but, I managed to do it. So here we go, my impressions about it. I don't want to listen to the rip again while listening more carefully because I want to wait when a DVD is released. So here we go!

About the setlist, it's pretty much the expected, a combination of both discs from Dreams 1 plus Shabondama and Iroppoi Jirettai, in part I believe it's because neither Sexy Boy or Ame no Furanai... were included. In part, too, I believe it's because they were the debut singles of Mikitty and Koharu, though... my Mr. Moonlight is missing. Ok, we have Souda! We're Alive to make up for it, but still.

Oh, right, there's the awesome medley too. You see, to see Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night performed (or at least part of it) it's always exciting and awesome.

Yeah, I really like the setlist, probably because after all, I love the songs from Disc 2, and most from Disc 1. The way of starting and finishing the concert are also great, Love Machine as the opener, as saying 'hey, remember the press conference? well, here's the rest of the awesomeness', and then at the end, the inspiring songs from the album, I Wish and Aozora ga Itsumademo... Just a song is missing. But I'm gonna forget that for now. Or at least try.

As for the performers, well, they are all awesome. As a post on LJ's aramatheydidn't said, 'The flawless girls who once sold millions copies of their music (and also Kusumi Koharu)'. They just can't dissapoint, even if some hadn't performed in a full concert since Elder Club's graduation. Heck, I think the last ones who did a concert were Rika and Yossy in Gatas Ryu 2010 and their Hangry and Angry tour, and just before that, Koha at her graduation.

No, they are performing with all of their energy. And actually, they sound pretty much the same they did 10 years ago, of course with some voices (such as Yossy and Makoto's) having matured.

Line distribution... well, Abe-san and Mikitty dominated, but even so it's pretty even. Plus those two can actually sing. Or perhaps it's just me who likes their voices.

That's everything, I think. I'm waiting anxiously for the announcement of a DVD, just let's hope it's not a fanclub one. Enough of crazy fangirly me for today~ and btw, the audio rip can be found at jph!p :D

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